Emergencies happen,
Are you prepared?

Decisive action requires a plan

The Employee Safety Program (ESP) by ServiceRocket provides the communication planning and infrastructure you need to act decisively and keep your people safe before, during and after emergencies.

Create a people-centered communications safety program built on Workplace by Facebook that reflects your business and serves your people.

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Reduce the time, effort and worry of emergency communication management.

Solve Common Challenges


How do we plan for different emergencies?

Once you identify the most likely emergencies your company may face, it is important to define the decision-making process. ServiceRocket can help you outline a plan that is right for your organization based on established best practices.


How do we coordinate a successful response?

The Employee Safety Program harnesses the power of Workplace and its safety apps to keep emergency resources easily accessible and coordinate your response. Make sure teams stay connected and safe during difficult times.


How do we track employee safety?

Systematic communications before, during and after emergencies are critical to coordinate preparation, incident response and post-emergency resources. The Employee Safety Program can help you reach employees anywhere, on any device with Workplace and its safety apps.

Helping Hand

How do we help our people after an emergency?

Communication is at the heart of getting resources to those in need. ServiceRocket provides the tools to ensure your emergency plan has identified the who and how of emergency response in the recovery stage.


How do we make sure we do better next time?

Completing a retrospective after an emergency helps improve your readiness and resiliency for future emergencies. With our Employee Safety Program’s retrospective review process, constant improvement is built in.


Faster emergency response

Act quickly. Minimize risk. Implement best practices with the Employee Safety Program runbooks and checklists.

Improved team collaboration

Maintain up-to-date information that’s easily accessible to all team members by using Workplace. Greater visibility drives better outcomes.

Any time, any place

Quickly communicate with employees anywhere, on any device and rapidly track their status. Real-time feedback ensures efficient response.

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How do your company’s current employee safety procedures rank you in our Maturity Model? Your self-assessment score and recommended steps will help you identify areas for improvement.
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Based on your rank on the Maturity Model, explore areas of risk and opportunity based on your company’s unique characteristics. Outline a blueprint for improvement with specific recommendations and actions.
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Design and implement a systematic safety program that’s right for your company. Reduce risk, improve processes and outcomes, and enhance resiliency for future emergencies.
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Communication Tools

Workplace by Facebook
An enterprise connectivity platform developed by Facebook, Inc. It uses familiar tools to transform teamwork, communications, and culture.
Safety Officer by ServiceRocket
A proactive, employee safety infrastructure app with segmented, interactive communication and real-time safety tracking on any device, at any time.
Jira by Atlassian
An issue and project tracking software by Atlassian. Automate messaging workflows to keep your emergency response on track.