Because nothing is more important than the safety of your employees, our service offering is designed to meet your company where it is today -- regardless of the current maturity level of your employee safety plan.

What's Included?

Identify the maturity of your safety program, analyze opportunities and get recommendations based on your needs.

Get a high-level understanding of what companies at your maturity level need to do to improve employee safety communications. Start your FREE Self Assessment now.

  • Assessment survey

  • Assessment score

  • Results available as a PDF download

Maturity Model
Next Steps
  • Recommended next steps based on your score

What's Included?

Get a full comprehensive company review, identify and prioritize opportunities and take advantage of customized resources.

Gain a deep understanding of your maturity level and design a blueprint for developing an employee safety communications infrastructure.

  • 360 insights on employee safety with stakeholder surveys

  • Qualitative insights from key stakeholder interviews

  • Geographic and demographic risk analysis

Opportunity Analysis
  • SWOT analysis to identify key strengths and critical gaps

  • Prioritization of opportunities

  • Next step recommendations

  • Sample emergency-specific runbook and incident checklist

  • A custom employee safety communications infrastructure blueprint

What's Included?

Review employee safety best practices, identify and overcome the most common challenges using Safety Officer and Workplace.

Gain a deep understanding of your maturity level and design a blueprint for developing an employee safety communication infrastructure.

Program Plan
  • Assessment blueprint review and enrichment

  • Comprehensive plan design and prioritization

  • Collaborative plan refinement with business and stakeholder alignment

Plan Implementation
  • Plan workflow customization

  • Plan administration content customization (emergency-specific runbooks and checklists)

  • Workplace group creation and content loading

  • Safety Check or Safety Officer app plan implementation

  • Safety campaign workshop

  • 6 month check-in and review

  • Consultative support (additional cost)